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              CSX Real Estate

              Whether you're in the market to buy or lease property, find land for business development opportunities, use CSX's rail corridor for utilities, manage existing property agreements, discuss code enforcement, request maps or request private road crossings or Rails to Trails, CSX real estate professionals can help.

              Also, when looking to densify your cellular network by constructing cellular towers, small cells or co-locate wireless equipment on CSX owned or third party structures, CSX has a streamlined process to accommodate your needs.

              Buying or Leasing Property: Purchase or lease CSX property

              Permitting: Utility, Wireless Infrastructure Installations & Rights of Entry: Construct and/or maintain utilities, new tower builds, small cells and co-location of both third party and CSX owned structures. Perform a survey or environmental investigation, schedule flagging or move equipment across CSX property

              Existing Agreements: Billing and payment inquiries, terminate, assign or request copy of agreement

              Rails to Trails: Develop a former railroad corridor for recreational trail

              Private Crossings: Learn more about private crossings

              Code Enforcement: Report a property compliance or encroachment issue

              Short Line Sales & Leases: Purchase or lease a line of railroad

              CSX Property Portal: Electronic Application System